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"BIG GAME 3"™️ broadhead "BG3"

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"The worlds largest FIXED BLADE broadhead".

We designed The "Big Game 3"™️ as a true "BIG GAME" broadhead. Absolutely devastating, the BG3™️ is truly NOT SURVIVABLE!

The extreme weight of the BG3™️ literally  "pulls" your arrow through the air straight, coupled with our proprietary "Flight Geometry Technology"™️ you are ensured the most stable arrow flight possible.

This is the toughest  broadhead you will ever shoot, virtually indestructible and an absolute FATAL DISASTER to it's target!


Don't trust your hard earned shot to anything less!

Sold 3 per pack.     


● 1.8" cutting diameter 

● .062 thick, shaving sharp, single bevel right blades

● Solid steel ferrule from tip to thread

● Spin test at +/-.003 guaranteed

● 300 grains

● Modular fixed blade

100% PROUDLY made in the USA