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"BIG GAME 2"™️ broadhead "BG2"

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    The BIG GAME 2™️ is built on the same rugged design platform as our BIG GAME 3™️

The differences you will notice are:

● Quad-Cut tip

● Aluminum blade sleeve machined to accept 2 blades.

Just like our 3 blade, this head is super tough. It is virtually indestructible and absolutely NOT SURVIVABLE!

The cut diameter, massive quad-cut tip and thick, shaving sharp, single bevel blades, all work together to create a head that is an absolute FATAL DISASTER to its target!


Don't trust your hard earned shot to anything less!   

Sold 3 per pack.     


● 1.8" wide cut

● .062 single bevel right blades

● Solid steel ferrule from tip to thread

● Spin test at +/- .003 guaranteed 

● 250 grains

● Modular fixed blade

100% PROUDLY made in the USA